Receive the contribution of the knowledge that students have acquired in their classrooms and which they apply in favor of the solution to your problems.

Identify talents, capacities and specific skills in the students that later on will incorporate to your staff of qualified personnel, with the additional advantage of having specific experience in the procedures and ways of working in your company.

Placing your company, your products and your brands in the knowledge of the academic community, which has the capacity of replicating this positioning inside their families and their social circles in favor of your efforts of commercial positioning.

Obtaining from the educational institutions from which your practitioners come from, other services and high quality support expanding the benefits of the relationship.

Contribute to the design and update of the academic plans and programs of the educational institutions generating a greater relevance and attachment of the learning strategies and contents to the requirements of the productive sectors.

Meet the social responsibility of all related companies with the educational development and evolution of their community.