The companies that are in the FESE network enjoy the following benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Being part of a circle of great companies that are interested in bettering the education in Mexico and supporting students.

Tax benefits:

The FESE will issue the corresponding receipt to certify the company’s donation.

Job Recruitment:

Effective job recruitment of young students and recent graduates from the red of educational institutions from the FESE as well as from the National Association of Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES).

Communication and broadcasts:

Media presence in all the mediums associated to the FESE community network.

Business Coaching

The company will be able to integrate the young worker in the participation of its development projects as well as in the professional practices.

Help us help

Your company can become an associate through:

The web address https://fese.colaboradora.mx/registro/

Request for more information empresarial@fese.org.mx

Or contact us at our offices with our phone: 01(55)46268266 ext. 8270